Monday, June 30, 2008


This is a beginning of sorts. It is my first post on this blog. But all beginnings are but continuations of some other previous beginning, or a return to some previously entertained idea. Thought is not as linear as we may believe. While Western tradition presents it as so, with the "I think, therefore I am" orientation, Eastern thought is grounded in a more universal, infinite foundation; in a world of no real beginnings or endings. This is the philosophy behind the "Enso" of Zen thought. Taoism says that we come from "Wuji", or the void, and will always return. Rather than "I think, therefore I am", Eastern philosophy posits "I am, therefore I think."

I am, needless to say, intrigued by and interested in Eastern philosophy. I am sure that will manifest itself in this journal. However, I do not and can not discount Western philosophy. I have another blog at that is concerned with reason, economics, and politics that reflects my firm belief in rational thought, individualism, and human possibility. While many will see a dichotomy, I see none. Personal philosophy is just that, personal. The philosopher's goal is to search for synchronicity. My findings to that end may show up in these entries. But more likely this will serve as a forum for my thoughts of a mystical nature.

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