Friday, January 29, 2010

On the Injured Reserve

So I find myself on the bench. The injured reserve list. I pulled a muscle in my calf last week and it has sidelined me for a while at least. It is not bad enough that I need surgery, but it is bad enough that I can't walk normally without a lot of pain. I can't walk abnormally without a little pain. So after mentally wrestling with myself and subduing my ego, I have decided to take it easy, easy, easy lest I mess myself up good. This means no unnecessary movement, like Taiji. After the first couple of days I did try some simple Qigong, and very soft wave hands and repulse monkey. But it just isn't meant to be. I have more pain than I thought I would, which is a great indicator that it's time to sit for a while. So I am reduced to sitting meditation, homeopathics, grape juice and those martial arts books that I can't resist buying but never have time to read because I spend all my spare time practicing.

There is in this a lesson and a blessing in disguise, as in all things. And I have time to discern that. In the meantime I can catch up on some reading and practice sitting. Which are both things I need to do. I have been experiencing a lot of personal change over the last six months, and I'm sure that process is far from over. So I can use this time to reflect and consider where I want to take my training from here. Once I can start moving again I will be doing more Qigong, which is something else I feel I never get enough of. So, at the very least I have time to catch up on some reading, practice sitting, and begin more Qigong practices. Well, maybe this isn't so bad after all.


Rick said...

When I'm sidelined for some reason, I take the opportunity to reexamine what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, and how I might do it better.

You're right. Sometimes it's a blessing in disguise.

Rodney said...

Thanks Rick.

Yeah, it has to be a time for reexamination. I can't do anything else anyway.