Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Taking the Plunge

After some time of indecision and general gnashing of teeth, I've made the decision to take the plunge and start teaching Taiji classes. So far it's off to a great start. I am offering two classes at two different locations in basic Chen Hunyuan Taiji. We are taking it slow and focusing a lot on Qigong and basic fundamentals to establish good practice. In keeping with the lineage, I am presenting Taiji as being composed of three basic components: Qigong, Taiji form, and Push-hands.

Specifically, Qigong includes static postures: sitting, lying, and standing meditation, and dynamic movements designed to build gong. For beginning classes, I am teaching a twelve movement short form distilled from the Hunyuan 48. In time I may add a form from another system, or move on to the 48.

I am introducing the concept of Push-hands right from the beginning. We are taking it slow to ensure everyone understands the concepts, but we are moving along in an integral fashion just the same. I am also peppering in little doses of self-defense concepts along the way. In time, I should be able to have balanced classes exploring traditional Taijiquan as it should be.

It is early to judge how effective this will be, but it is starting out to be quite fun. It is my intention to offer specific workshops in the future on Qigong, Push-hands, Self-defense, and various Neijia concepts depending on interests.

Once again, my Taiji world is expanding.


Shang Lee said...

i think push hands right at the beginning is good. i find it complementary to the form, and the form complementary to push hands. good luck!

Rodney said...

Thanks Shang. I tend to agree with you. I have seen it both ways, and I think beginning with push hands only helps to understand the function of the form. I guess we will see.

Keith said...

Wow. Great decision. Teaching is indeed very fun to do. Sharing what you know especially to beginners is a great accomplishment in your entire career. I always wanted to teach karate especially to the kinds and it is very fulfilling on my part. The way they call me master means to much reward for me.

Rodney said...

Thanks Keith