Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Alpha and Omega, All Today

"Radical times require radical action and the most radical thing we can do is to start a revolution in consciousness."  Amoda Maa Jeevan

Life is a process of change.  But it is not a separate process that happens to us or outside of our existence.  We are all con-conspirators in the process.  And that can be a bit obvious if you consider that each of us is as much a part of the life process, the ever-unfolding mystery, as the others.  One may easily think that life is passing her by.  When in reality, she is still contributing to the process even by attempting to sit it out on the sidelines.  The bottom line is there is no sitting out.  One is always a part, always co-creating.  The only variable is awareness of this fact.

There is a definitive evolutionary process happening every nanosecond.  It has been happening for all eternity, and will continue to happen--forever.  It is a spiritual evolution happening in the body human toward a collective awakened state.  Granted, the world population far from fully realized in totality.  But that is not really the point.  The point is that the stream is flowing in a positive direction.  And we have choices.  In this regard, we have two: we can jump in and go with the flow, or we can retreat to our small ego-driven selves and miss the parade.

Either choice is relatively easy.  It's more about intention than it is effort.  If the intent to awaken is there, the procedural details (so to speak) will emerge and the rest will take care of itself, as long as intention is firm.  The same process applies to the other choice.  Unfortunately, that one is even easier because of conditioning.  We have so much experience with living out of ego, it just happens--or continues to happen providing we don't make the other choice.

The process of awakening is unpredictable, as is all of life.  The underlying Truth here is that we are already awake within.  We just have to remove all the "stuff" we have accumulated over the years that has served to cover it up.  And it's at this point that words cease to work.  We can explain intention, and we can explain the various practices, and then we must leave the process to itself and bathe in the experience, feel the Presence.  As this occurs, we add to the unfolding of the world.  And in some inexplicable way the process is that much easier for the next guy.

Today is the day.  Breathe.

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